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Disaster medical training center

“ We would like to be a good neighbor to people who suffered disaster ”

In order to respond quickly and efficiently to domestic and international disaster situations, we conduct disaster medical training and field simulation training by cooperating with related organizations.

Development of disaster medical education program

Disaster medical training

▶ Gyeonggi-do ODA project, Mongol fireman training (2016)
▶ Reinforcing disaster response system of health center that visits patients directly of Gyeonggi-do, education and training (2016)
▶ Training for fostering ambulance leaders of central firefighting school (2016)
▶ Trainng for fostering professional ambulance workers of central firefighting school (2016)
▶ Ministry of Health and Welfare National disaster local government education (2016)
▶ Gyeonggi firefighting school 2nd grade Emergency resident training course training (2016)
▶ Paju Fire Station Mass Disaster Theory and Training (2015)
▶ National Medical Center Emergency Medical Care Support Emergency Response Manual Training (2015)
▶ Goyang, Ilsan Fire Station Disaster Medical Support Team Collective Education and Training (2015)
▶ Gyeonggi firefighting school 2nd grade Emergency resident training course training (2015)
▶ Dongducheon Fire Department, on-site training for preparing the occurence of many casualties (2015)
▶ Gyeonggi Firefighting School Basic Emergency Rescue Basic Course Disaster Relief Medical Training and Education (2015)
▶ Gyeonggi firefighting school 2nd grade Emergency resident training course training (2014)
▶ Training and education on disaster medical treatment for the people of the public health center in the National Medical Center (2014)
▶ Disaster Emergency Medical Response Theory and Practical Training for Goyang, Gimpo, and Paju Fire Department Emergency Unit (2014)

Joint Training

▶ Fire training in Northwest area of Gyeonggi-do (2017)
▶ Civil, military, military, and civilian integrated counter-terrorism training (2017)
▶ Emergency training of fire station in Northwest area of Gyeonggi-do (2016)
▶ Combined disaster preparedness training with citizens of 104 million in Goyang City (2016)
▶ Goyang City, Ilsan Police Terrorist Pilot Training (2016)
▶ Goyang, Paju, Gimpo Fire Station Rigid Structural Comprehensive Training (2016)
▶ Goyang City Disaster response Safety Korea Training (2016)
▶ Gimpo, Goyang, Ilsan, Paju emergency disaster preparedness training (2015)
▶ Gyeonggi Provincial Disaster Safety Headquarters, Uijeongbu Fire Station Disaster Safety Headquarters Disaster Response Training (2015)
▶ Goyang, Gimpo, Paju Fire Station Disaster Preparedness Emergency Structural Training (2014)

Disaster simulation training in the hospital

▶ Disaster training in the hospital (2016)
▶ Modernized Minimization of Newborn Diseases (2016)
▶ Myongji Hospital Area Emergency Hospital Disaster Prevention (2015)
▶ Poor underground road map (2014)