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Overseas Patient Invitation Sharing Medical service

“ Just a half century ago, we were also a country that gets aid. ”

Myongji Hospital is inviting people from low-income families from abroad in 2013 to do free surgery. We are trying to find a new life with hope and health for the suffering patients who have not received accurate diagnosis even in the underdeveloped countries such as Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Nepal which are not receiving proper medical care due to the backward medical environment .”The Medical Law Enforcement Regulations, the Social Welfare Business Act, the Long-Term Transplantation Act, the National Health Insurance Act,

▶ Support for Russian congenital anomaly(2017)
▶ support Kyrgyzstan child surgery (2017)
▶ Support Kazakhstan right calf paralysis and stiffness surgery (2016)
▶ Support for the treatment of congenital anomalies of the unspecified peripheral vascular system of Nepal (2016)
▶ Support surgery for congenital anomalies in the right hip (2016)
▶ Mongolian congenital hip dislocation support for both hip surgery (2016)
▶ Mongolian cerebral palsy surgery (2014)
▶ Support surgery for familial polyps for Vietnam three sisters (2013)