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Public medical social welfare

In the Social Project Team of Myongji Hospital

As members of medical team, medical social workers are helping patients and their families to be able to solve difficulties through counseling on psychological/social/economic hardship.
*Activity Basis: “Enforcement Regulations of Medical Law, Social Welfare Project Law, Act on Transplant like Organs, Standard of Medical Care Expenses Based on National Health Insurance Act, Mental Health Law”

Consultation Call at Social Project Team :
+82-31-810-5261~3 / FAX : +82-31-810-5269

The Social Project Team does

▶ Counseling on socio-psychological difficulties
▶ Counseling on economic(hospital bill) difficulties
▶ Providing information about social security system and social welfare service
▶ Counseling connected to community institutions
▶ Managing secondary school/college student volunteers
▶ Love-sharing fund raising activity(book bazaar, goods bazaar, and etc.)

If you want to meet a medical social worker

▶ Ask your doctor in case of hospital/ambulatory treatment
▶ Ask a ward nurse
▶ Visit the Social Project Team
▶ Location: 9th Floor of Bldg A
▶ Counseling Hours: Mon-Fri / 8:30AM ~ 5:30PM

Medical Social Project

Myongji Hospital pursuing ‘a beautiful hospital practicing the love of God’ is performing the medical social project aiming to contribute to the enhancement of treatment effects by solving psychological/emotional/social/economic difficulties of patients and their families under diseases and social conditions.

Based on the specialty in social welfare, in the aspect of social project of patients’ psychological/social/environmental issues, it performs group activities like individual approach such as diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment, group approach such as communication training, stress management, family therapy, sociality training, and group activity instruction, and community organizational approach such as operation of sponsorship system, blood donation system, and volunteer system.

Through the intervention of social project, it promotes diverse effects like solution of economic problems, request to social welfare institutes & other institutes for hospitalized patients for a long time, social adjustment instruction after discharge, and occupational rehabilitation.

Clinical Counseling Support

▶ Participating in therapeutic gatherings for diabetic patients
▶ Participating in group therapeutic programs of rehabilitation medicine
▶ Participating in group therapeutic programs of psychiatry
▶ Participating in programs related to organ transplant
▶ Participating in hospice group medical social project

Subjects of Clinical Counseling

▶ Patients with aggressive or excessively passive responses
▶ Patients in need of interpersonal skills or sociality training
▶ Patients with complex conjugal problems or family problems
▶ Patients with great psychological anxiety
▶ Patients with permanent disabilities
▶ Terminally-ill patients or patients with chronic diseases
▶ Patients with the risk of suicide or emotional disorder
▶ Patients with economic hardship
▶ Patients with less social support like the elderly and single persons
▶ Patients with no guardians or no one to rely on
▶ Patients with inquiries on industrial disaster or car insurance
▶ Patients in need of volunteer or caregiver
▶ Patients in need of occupational counseling
▶ Patients with hardship to plan discharge
▶ Traveling patients
▶ Patients with hardship to find blood donators

Request for Counseling

▶ Myongji Hospital Social Project Team +82-31-810-5261~5263 / FAX +82-31-810-5269