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Oversea medical team training

“ Just a half century ago, we were also a country that gets aid. ”

Myongji hospital is conducting medical training for fostering local health-care personnel of low development countries such as Russia, Mongol, and Kazakhstan. Local healthcare workers are transferring advanced medical technique and reinforcing capability of core personnel by participating in serious case surgeries such as liver, kidney transplanting surgery, cancer patient surgery, cancer treatment, endoscope surgery and providing education. Medical training is a representative cooperation program of health-care area, and it is trying to enable core personnel to provide local vulnerable personnel with advanced medical service by providing advanced medical skill and medical information system that are required by local. Also, it is promoting to expand personnel network of medical workers of both countries through health care exchange between countries.

▶ Mongolian First National Hospital, Mungunguur Hospital, Medical staff, digestive medicine intern training (2016)
▶ Support Kazakhstan right calf paralysis and stiffness surgery (2016)
▶ Moscow Economic Development Hospital Medical staff Neurology, comprehensive examination center, rehabilitation treatment room training (2016)
▶ Mongolian Ulaanbaatar City Public Health Bureau, Bayangol Medical Center Medical Staff, Anesthesiology Department, Department of Radiology (2015)
▶ Uzbekistan Medical Staff Surgery Training (2014)
▶ Kazakhstan Medical Staff Surgery Training (2014)
▶ Surgical training of medical staff at Khabarovsk First State Hospital, Russia (2014)