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“ Established the first Public Health Medical Service Team among private hospitals in 2013 ”


KOREA Disaster Relief Team (KDRT)
Medical Support Team Formation Agreement (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
2017.04.29Business agreement for improvement of the welfare of persons with developmental disabilities(Korean Anglican Church of Korea Seoul Social Welfare Foundation)
2017.05.17Public health medical service business Conferences (Deokyang-gu Public Health Center)
2017.07.10Disaster relief development work agreement (global relief development solidarity)
2017.07.12The 2nd Good Memory until 100-Year-Old - Dementia Management Support Center Symposium on Dementia Management Project


2016.01.28Agreement regarding health-care and welfare (mil-al welfare foundation)
2016.03.072016 starting ceremony for 'smile together' campagin that is to help Nepal earthquake damage
2016.03.182016 Nepal medical voluntary activity (3/18~25)
2016.07.01Consignment management of Gyeonggi-do metropolitan demantia center
2016.07.27Agreement regarding health-care and welfare (Green umbrella child foundation)
2016.08.29Business Agreement of dementia management business (Deok-yang-gu health center)
2016.09.08‘Centenarian’s Good Memory’: awarded Hospital Management Asia (HMA) (Social contribution division)
2016.11.29Unveiling ceremony of love-sharing wall
2016.12.15Agreement of improvement of child wlefare (Life of the children)


2015.03.01Consigment management of Central psychological autopsy center
2015.03.262015 Nepal medical voluntary activity (3/16~23)
2015.04.27Dispatched urgent medical aid group for Nepal earthquake damage region (4/27~5/4)
2015.07.01The second Director ofPublic Health Medical Service Team : Kim Hyungsoo hospital director
vice Director: Kim Inbyung (ER)
2015.10.06‘Centenarian’s Good Memory’: Awarded social contribution division of International Hospital Federation (IHF)


2014.04.18Urgent medical aid for Jindo Pangmok harbor of Sewol-ferry accident
2014.06.01Consignment operation of Ansan Trauma center
2014.05.20Enactment of Myongji Hospital cerebral palsy patient's day (last wednesday of every May)
2014.12.26Opened Gyeonggi North-western Sunflower center


2013.02.02Inauguration of the Public Health Medical Service Team of Myongji hospital
The 1stPublic Health Service Project Team Director: Kim Secheol hospital director
2013.02.26Symposium commemorating the launch of the Public Health Medical Service Team
2013.02.28Agreement ceremony of Happy World Welfare Foundation and Senior Health Promotion/Dementia Prevention
2013.03.21Opening ceremony of Good Memory until 100-Year-Old - Dementia Management Support Center
2013.04.23Agreement ceremony of Public health medical service
2013.07.23Agreement ceremony of Love-Sharing (Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si)
2013.11.252013 Nepal Medical Voluntary Activity (11/25~12/2)
2013.12.19Agreement ceremony of violent damaged female and child medical support (Goyang YWCA)


2012.06.18Consignment operation of Gyeonggi-do metropolitan psychological health-care center
2012.04.22Agreement ceremony of medical expense for 120 low-income class people
2012.07.10Declaration of Public health medical service business promotion


2011.06.29Selected as an ER center of general Gyeonggi North-west area
2011.10.102011 Nepal medical volunteer activity (10/10~17)