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Love-sharing fund

“ The desire gets lacked as you add more, but love gets richer as you share more.”

We are not only trying in order to provide the best treatment service of Myongji hospital that pursues patient-first spirit but also we have been operating Love-sharing fund to become the best hospital in love sharing with neighbors since 2009
This fund is supporting patients who really needs help through objective and fair screening by fund management committee in accordance with “Love-sharing fund medical expense support rule”.

How do you gather the Love Sharing Fund?

▶ Faculty donation
▶ Hospital subsidies
▶ Bazaar profits
▶ External contribution
▶ Other donations

How is the Love Sharing Fund used?

▶ Medical expenses for low income class patients
▶ Support for overseas medical service activities
▶ Domestic medical service support
▶ Supporting difficult neighborhoods in the community
▶ Dementia support program

Love Sharing Story 2009 ~ 2016