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Consignment operation of health care in local community

“ A hospital serving local community and accompanying with local residents ”

In order to promote health care by providing various public health-care service closely with local community, Myongji hospital is doing consignment operation of Gyeonggi Noth-west sunflower center, Gyeonggi-do metropolitan dementia center, Gangseo-gu mental health improvement center. Also, it is contributing on development of healthy community with private-government cooperation system building and revitalization of resident participation and trying for ‘improvement of quality of life’ of local residents.

Introduction of consignment Operation center

Gyeonggi Noth-west sunflower center

Creating a Safe and Peaceful World for Children and Women

▶ Medical, counseling and treatment services for victims
▶ Providing case investigation and legal support services
▶ Counseling for victims, operation of emergency rescue support system
▶ Operate expert group to support victims
▶ Establishment of network for victim protection

Gyeonggi-do metropolitan dementia center

Smile of happiness, hope of tomorrow, center of change

▶ Providing customized services based on the region
▶ Supporting strengthening of community dementia management capacity
▶ Creating a dementia-friendly social environment

Gangseo-gu mental health improvement center

Walk together to your happiness to your

▶ Mental health care business
▶ Mental health promotion business
▶ Good Start Project for Children and Youth